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In the forum you can read interesting news about my tools and the next releases. In a friendly talk you will find new ways to recover and manage your systems. Requests about new features are very welcome.
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License Crawler (Portable)
Do you recognise this problem? You are sitting at home on the weekend and want to reinstall your system. But you are missing the serial numbers / license keys. That happened to me. So, I created this small utility, LicenseCrawler, which will enable you to find the license keys and serial numbers of Microsoft products and many of your programs. It is the ideal partner for your Windows 7 Update

System Crawler (Portable)
!!! NEW PROJECT !!! Based on the base features of the LicenseCrawler I am working on a new Project called SystemCrawler. The program should be a perfect partner for system backup and recovery scenarios.

Application Access Server
Running a program such as VNC every time to administer computers over the Internet can be risky. The question is: How can you activate a program over the Internet without showing the host service? The Application Access Server [AAS] allows you to start and stop applications over the Internet. All you need is an Internet browser. One highlight is the "Stealth Mode". With this function, the AAS is hidden from all port scanners. Should there be an attack, the aggressor is put on a "black list" and will be denied access even if the correct password is used.

BootManage Administrator
Fully unattended OS installation on networked PCs in company environments Supports PXE and TCP/IP BOOT-PROM clients Installs Windows Vista/2003/2008/XP/2000/NT, Windows ME/98/95/3.x, IBM NIM, Linux and DOS Provides Remote Wakeup, time scheduling, driver integration, and much more. <Download Request> <Product Information>

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