Advertise your business on the LicenseCrawler
LicenseCrawler offers you a platform to turn your advertising on target.
You pay only if people click your ad.

How it works
During a scan process the LicenseCrawler will open an commercial screen.
End users can simply click on a button to open a website that will forward them
to your product and from there they can make a purchase or learn more about you.
You pay only for user forwards and not for the embedded ad.

Cost and payment
Don't worry the commercials are under control and if your budget is exhausted
the user is not longer forwarded.

Set your budget
For each new version of the LicenseCrawler you have the chance to ask for an ad range.
The ad range is a commitment for the next version of the LicenseCrawler (1-2 month).
During this time your embedded ad can be found from the people.
Your ad range represents the number of people that see your ad in percent.
With an advert range of 50% each second commercial screen will show your advert.
One month after the end of your advertising campaign you get the rest of the budget back.
Every time you have the chance to increase your budget.
If your budget is exhausted the user are not longer forwarded.
The embedded is free of charge. you don't pay for this service.

On request you get a price list with the advertising range and the minimum budget.

Payment for the service can be easily done by PayPal or Wire Transfer.

Does it work?
Definitely yes! Your ad is present in 20 to 30 thousand downloaded copies of the LicenseCrawler without any cost.

LicenseCrawler :: Partners

sepago, Cologne, Germany

sepago organizes complex IT environments, makes them high performance, dynamic and future-oriented, creating in a turn a reliable, successful component in daily business. In doing so, sepago works with the latest technologies and developments, examines their application and combination possibilities, and also uses unconventional solutions to improve standard procedures.


bootix Technology GmbH, Cologne, Germany

Leader in Client and Server Boot Management solutions
for TCP/IP networks since 1989

More than 10 Million bootix® licenses sold to date worldwide. Solutions for fully automated network based OS installation.
PXE and TCP/IP BOOT-PROM network boot code for a multitude of network adapters and LanOnBoard chipsets