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Run-Time error '339':
Component 'mscomctl.ocx' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid
Navigate to the program folder of the LicenseCrawler.exe
Right-click the program icon (the .exe file).
Choose Run As Administrator.
If you see a User Account Control prompt, accept it.

Microsoft serial number discovered by License Crawler doesn't match the serial number printed on the computer.
Most likely, the manufacturer used just one OEM number for all his clients, instead of a unique one for each machine. That makes the installation of Microsoft programs onto thousands of computers easier. This also means that the serial number printed on your computer hasn't been activated yet, allowing you some degree of anonymity.

My system is damaged. How to find out the serial numbers?
There is a way. All you need is a bootable CD-ROM or USB stick.
  1. Start Linux or BartPE and save the following file: Windows\System32\Config\software (no extension)
  2. Open Regedit: (WIN+R) enter regedit
  3. In the Registry editor use "load hive..." to bind the file "software"
  4. run the LicenseCrawler
  5. Regedit "unload hive..."

I have plugged my old harddrive into my new computer. How I can find the serial numbers on the old hard drive?

You must load the old Registry hive into your current registry. Next you can use the LicenseCrawler to find your old Serial numbers and license informations.

Load old registry Hive

- Click the Start button, click Run, and type REGEDIT. Click OK.
- In the Registry Editor, select the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.

- Use File Load Hive.. lo load your old registry into your current registry. You find the Software hive on the old hard drive under Windows\System32\Config\software (no extension)


Start LicenseCrawler and select All_Keys

Unload the old registry hive

Start Regedit and Unload the registry hive RegBackup.



Is there a way to find the license keys without the LicenseCrawler?
Yes of course. You can use REGEDIT to scan the local or remote registry. Click on seek and enter right search words. Other products like Adobe store the license information in a sqllite database file. All you need is sqlite to open the file and print out the product informations.

How could I check the MD5?
Download my MD5Creator program and test the LicenseCrawler.exe

The MD5 checksum is wrong. What could I do now?
Don't start the LicenseCrawler.exe! Load the file from another server and send me a e-mail.